The Canadian CPOE Toolkit is a national collaborative to freely share knowledge and electronic order sets for the implementation of Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE).  North York General Hospital, the host organization, is providing the Toolkit at no cost to Canadian public healthcare institutions.  Our belief is that by sharing resources, we can all work together to develop high quality CPOE systems across the country, at less total cost to our healthcare system, and with better outcomes for patients!

    The Toolkit is comprised of two parts:
    1.  A CPOE Implementation Guide, containing comprehensive information to help your organization with the design, build, deployment, support and maintenance of its CPOE system.
    2.  A searchable electronic order set library containing hundreds of evidence-based order sets that have been reviewed by Canadian clinicians and are in use at Canadian hospitals.  The order set library is a sharing platform.  Each member organization can contribute order sets to the library, so that everyone can benefit.


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    Thank you to the following organizations for contributing to the Order Set Library.

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